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Wind:  0 mph SSE

Humidity:  46%

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Lake Travis Water Level

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Lake Travis Fishing Report - September 2016

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Water Level: 680.78

Water Temp:
84 degrees

Recent storms and cold fronts have cooled the surface water temperature to 84 degrees and have heated up the fishing!  Bass can be found shallow again and are feeding on shad.  Crankbaits cast close to the shoreline and retrieved parallel to the bank are drawing vicious strikes from hungry bass.  The water temperature is still warm, so a fast retrieve is key to getting more strikes. My most recent trip yielded over 30 bass in a 4 hour period.  Most bites were small with a few quality largemouth mixed in (up to 4 lbs).

Main and secondary points and bluff walls produced well with most quality bites coming off of some sort of cover or structure such as a submerged willow bush or big boulder.  If you get a bite off a bush make multiple casts from different angles as there is a good possibility there will be more than one fish relating to it.  On September 9th, one bush on a main lake point produced 3 fish including a fat 3 pounder.  If you get cloudy conditions with a little wind, a white buzz bait or spinnerbait are great baits for more quality-sized fish.  There will be fish in a lot of places right now but I am focused on finding the ones that are ready to eat.  As such, I am focused on covering as much water as possible looking for areas that hold aggressive fish.  With the water temperature finally trending downward, the shallow water bite is only going to get better from now until the end of the year.

Guided Fishing Trips
For updates or to book a trip, give me a call at 915-217-5263 or email me at

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Ray Tomasits - Hill Country Bass Coach

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