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Humidity:  46%

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Lake Travis Water Level

   updated 12:00 PM

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Lake Travis Fishing Report - February 2016

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Water Level: 682.07

Water Temp: 63.5 degrees

Water temperatures across the lake are now consistently above the 60 degree mark and the bass have moved shallow to spawn. There has been an algae bloom on the lake that, coupled with runoff from recent rains, has affected water clarity. If you can find areas with good enough clarity, you can sight fish for bedding bass. Keep in mind that bass on Travis will spawn as deep as 20 ft., so if you have only 2 ft. of visibility, the bedding fish you see are a very small population of the bass that are actually spawning in any given area.

You can catch fish on Travis just about any way you want. I personally like to throw weightless senkos, flukes, and swimbaits to target pre-spawn and spawning bass. The slow shimmering fall of a weightless fluke or senko cast close enough to a bed drives bass crazy. With these baits, “less is more” when it comes to presentation. In other words, cast it out and let it fall on completely slack line without moving it. The depth of the water will dictate how long I let sink. Typically I’ll wait 5-7 seconds before twitching. Many of the strikes come on the initial fall and go undetected until I lift up to feel the weight of the lure. If it feels heavy, “mushy,” or if my line is swimming off, I reel the rod tip down and set the hook.

As the water warms into the mid-60’s the top water bite will really start to pick up. Travis is a great top water lake and mid to late spring is when I always have a top water bait or two on the deck of my boat.

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