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Lake Travis Fishing Report - July 2017

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John and Matt Thurston with a few of the more than 20 Lake Travis "schoolies" caught on July 30th John and Matt Thurston with a few of the more than 20 Lake Travis "schoolies" caught on July 30th
Water Level: 673.54

Water Temp: 89 degrees

On July 30th, we hit our 11th straight day of 100 degree or higher temperatures.  With this extended heat wave, bass are doing what they typically do in the summer, which is stay deep.  If you choose to run your favorite banks, you will get a few bites but they will be few and far between.  Most shorelines have bluegill and sunfish swimming around submerged brush and rock, thus are primary targets for bigger bass.  Running the bank with a top water or crankbait early in the morning could produce some quality bites.

My clients and I have been mostly targeting deep bass offshore.  Main lake humps and points in the 25-35 foot depth zones will hold schools of feeding bass early in the mornings and late in the evenings.  Shaky head finesse worms, Texas-rigged craws, and drop shots have been the most productive baits.  Be sure to have a top water ready in case they start herding and feeding on shad on the surface.  These schools of bass tend to all be very similar in size, so take note of the size of the first few and decide from there on whether you want to stick around.  The great news is that every fish weve caught have bellies that are absolutely stuffed with shad.  Unlike a lot of bass Ive been catching at Bastrop, these bass have thick shoulders and are FAT! 

After the sun gets high, target marinas and docks with the same baits.  Bass will not be everywhere in marinas, so youll have to hunt around to find them.  If you catch one, there is a good chance there are more down there, so be sure to make multiple presentations to the same slip.  Some people actually live in their boats in marinas, so be sure to be respectful (property, noise, etc.).  If anybody gives you a hard time for fishing around the marina or their dock, just quote the answer to this FAQ from the Texas Parks & Wildlife website -  The bottom line is that Lake Travis is a public body of water and you as an angler have as much right to the water as everybody else, including the water in and around marinas and docks.

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Ray Tomasits - Hill Country Bass Coach

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