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Humidity:  46%

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Lake Travis Water Level

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Lake Travis Fishing Report - May 2016

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Water Level: 683.13 (2.03 ft. high)

Water Temp:
72 degrees

Largemouth Bass
While there may be a few stragglers out there, the majority of bass finished spawning with the last full moon in April. As such, anglers are best served targeting post-spawn bass. To target these fish, I like presentations that allow me to cover a lot of water, so that I can quickly find productive areas. If I get a bite in an area I will slow down and work more thoroughly, sometimes making multiple passes.

Bluegill & Shad
Bluegill and shad are both spawning right now and are the primary forage for bass. With the water being so clear, it is easy to identify the areas where bluegill are spawning. Iíve been finding them in the back of almost every creek and drain.

Spawning shad can be a little more difficult to find but will also be along the banks in and around flooded brush and/or docks. Most of the shad spawn occurs at night but does extend into the first couple of hours after sunrise and will start an hour or so before sunset.

Baits & Lures
A multitude of baits will work right now but the top 3 for me have been Pop-Rís, Spooks, Zoom Super Flukes, and Crankbaits. Pick your color based on the forage you are trying to imitate.

Catching Big Fish
Plenty of buck bass with the occasional big female are being caught in the back of drains/creeks. Most of my bigger fish (up to 5 lbs) are being caught on main and secondary lake points on or near ledges that drop-off into deep water. Use your graph to find the ledge. If you donít have a graph, use a Texas rig or Carolina rig to map the bottom. Fish the conditions.

Weather Tips
If itís cloudy, the bass will be moving around more and should be more willing to chase a lure. If itís sunny, theyíll be tucked up tighter into cover and under docks and will require a more precise and slow presentation.

Guided Fishing Trips
For updates or to book a trip, give me a call at 915-217-5263 or email me at

Tight Lines!

Ray Tomasits - Hill Country Bass Coach

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