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Lake Travis Fishing Report - June 2016

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Water Level: 686.45 (5.35 ft. high)

Water Temp:
84 degrees

With the lake at or above full pool for over 3 months, it has been a great fishing year on Lake Travis.  Recent guide trips have been averaging 30 fish per day with some quality bass being caught (up to 6 lbs.).  The spawn is pretty much over and the fish are moving to their deep-water summer haunts.  There is a good top water bite early in the morning and just before the sun sets.  Walking baits and Poppers have been catching the majority of these fish.  Some days they want the Walker better than the Popper and vice versa, so be sure to try both to see which one is working better for the day.  If they’re biting it, I like the walking bait best because I can cast it further and cover water faster.  The water in the majority of the lake is clear, so long casts are a must. 

After the sun gets high, target main and secondary lake points and ledges in the 25-35 ft. zone.  Marking the fish with my electronics, I will position the boat right over the top of them and use vertical presentations to catch them.  Jigging spoons and drop shots are my baits of choice here.  My top drop shot bait is a 4 inch Strike King Dream Shot in the Morning Dawn color.  I don’t know what it is but there is something about that pink colored worm in deep water that elicits bites.  When you find these fish, it can be non-stop action for hours but you have to maximize the opportunity because you never know when they will move off the ledge.  Other baits working for the deep bite are Carolina-rigged brush hogs and flukes, crankbaits, and swimbaits.  Keep in the mind that the primary forage for these fish are going to be threadfin shad, so choose your colors accordingly. 

Spawning shad can be a little more difficult to find but will also be along the banks in and around flooded brush and/or docks. Most of the shad spawn occurs at night but does extend into the first couple of hours after sunrise and will start an hour or so before sunset.

Guided Fishing Trips
For updates or to book a trip, give me a call at 915-217-5263 or email me at

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Ray Tomasits - Hill Country Bass Coach

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