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Wind:  0 mph SSE

Humidity:  46%

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Lake Travis Water Level

   updated 12:00 PM

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Lake Travis Fishing Report - February 2016

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Water Level: 682.94

Water Temp: 61 degrees

Recent warm weather has warmed the upper echelon of the water column above 60 degrees and has pushed some bass shallow. There is still a good deep pattern but as the water temperatures continue to rise, that pattern will wain and the shallow bite will be dominant. During this transitional period, bass can be caught both deep and shallow.

Carolina rigs and football head jigs in the 25-30 ft zone on main lake points and ledges have been producing high quantity catches for me and my clients with some quality fish (up to 4 lbs). Not every point and ledge is productive so use your electronics to confirm if they are there are not.

The plethora of flooded bushes are also holding bass. Flipping jigs and soft plastic craws into bushes on main and secondary points is my preferred method of hunting these fish out. As the weather warms up this pattern will become more prevalent as bass move shallow to spawn. There are a few bass that are on beds but most fish are just beginning to move up. Buck bass that have moved up to prepare beds are plentiful in the backs of coves and cuts. Weightless senkos and flukes are productive as are crankbaits and spinnerbaits under the right conditions.

Fishing League Worldwide (FLW) is holding their 2nd Major Tour Event on Lake Travis from February 16 - 19 where some of the best bass fisherman in the country will be turned loose to figure out the bass on Lake Travis. Last weekend’s Bass Champs tournament took over 28 lbs to win, so expect some big stringers to come into the scales each day. Weigh-ins will be at 3PM on the 16th and 17th and 4PM on the 18th and 19th at Jones Brothers Park.

Guided Fishing Trips
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Ray Tomasits - Hill Country Bass Coach

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