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Humidity:  46%

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Lake Travis Fishing Report - December 2016

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Water Level: 681.61

Water Temp:
61 degrees

Due to the lack of cold weather late this year, water temps have stayed well into the 60ís allowing typical fall fishing patterns to hold for most of this month. With this recent cold front, however, water temperatures will finally get below 60 and push most of the bass deep.

My winter approach on Lake Travis is pretty simple. I graph deep water ledges (25-40 ft) that are close to spawning areas until I find fish. Once I find fish I go through my standard winter rotation, which is 1) Flutter Spoon 2) Jigging Spoon 3) Underspin 4) Drop Shot and 5) Jig.

The fish are going to be lethargic, so slow presentations are absolutely critical. This can be a real challenge for the angler who prefers to fish fast. What do I mean by slow? If youíre fishing a jig, a slow crawl along the bottom with long pauses in between will get more bites than stroking the jig 2-3 ft off the bottom. If Iím fishing a drop shot, I will hold my rod absolutely still for 10-15 seconds before making a subtle twitch to impart action to my worm. If Iím fishing a jigging spoon, Iíll leave my spoon on the bottom 5 sometimes 10 seconds on the initial drop before snapping up off the bottom.

Wintertime on Lake Travis has produced some of my biggest sacks. If youíre willing to put in the time searching, Iím sure it can produce some of the biggest for you as well.

Guided Fishing Trips
For updates or to book a trip, give me a call at 915-217-5263 or email me at

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Ray Tomasits - Hill Country Bass Coach

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