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Wind:  0 mph SSE

Humidity:  46%

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Lake Travis Water Level

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Lake Travis Fishing Report - November 2016

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Water Level: 681.41

Water Temp:
74 degrees

Falling water temperatures means fast fall action.  Bass have moved to the banks and are feeding aggressively.  Shad is the primary forage and moving baits (crankbaits, top waters, and spinnerbaits) are the deal.  The fish are grouped up and hunting, so covering water fast is the key to maximizing your catch.  A lot of the fish are small (13-15 inches) with a few quality fish mixed in (up to 5 lbs.).  Running this pattern has been yielding 12 to 15 lb. limits for me and my clients.

The cloudy/rainy conditions last week set the stage for a great all day top water bite.  Having a largemouth crush your top water is one of my favorite ways to catch bass, especially when it’s a big one.   Fish that hit and don’t hook up is often the biggest frustration though.  The key to maximizing your strike to land ratio is to not jerk the bait away from the fish once it bites; the biggest mistake my clients make.  A lot of times the bass will be “bird-dogging” the bait and slap at it multiple times before eating it.  This can test the patience of even the most experienced angler but if you can resist the urge to set the hook and keep working the lure (Pop R or walking bait), you will hook and land exponentially more of those fish that bite.  Strong sharp hooks and a medium action rod is also important (the medium action rod provides the right amount of cushion/give so the hooks don’t rip out of the mouth) and sharp hooks will grab from all directions to ensure a good hookup on the bass (even some of the ones that slap at it).

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Ray Tomasits - Hill Country Bass Coach

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