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Wind:  0 mph WSW

Humidity:  52%

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Lake Travis Fishing Report - November 2017

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Dave Kemper set his personal best record with this chunky 6lb 4 oz Lake Travis largemouth

Dave Kemper set his personal best record with this chunky 6lb 4 oz Lake Travis largemouth

Water Level: 670.45

Water Temp: 71 degrees

Bass are in their typical fall pattern right now, which means they are shallow and feeding up heavily for winter.  While they are shallow and feeding, they are scattered so the key to finding them is to cover a lot of water until you come across them.  Locating fish can be a little frustrating at times, especially when weather conditions have changed (e.g. 2 cold fronts move in over a 5 day period and drop the water temperature 7 degrees).  With bass roaming and hunting, I rely on fast-moving lures like crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and top waters that allow me to cover as much water as possible throughout the day.  Iíll start at a point on the main lake and begin to work my way back into a cut or cove until I come across fish.  When you catch one, slow down and work the area more thoroughly with your lures.

Points are always good places to start your search for fall bass.  I often refer to them as bass ďbus stopsĒ and think bass stop and hold on these pieces of structure on their way back into coves, cuts, and creeks.  The bass you catch on a particular point one day will most likely be completely different than the ones you catch on it the next day or later.  If you time it right, at point with a dock on it can be a gold mine.

Ledges and humps in 25-35í of water are holding some quality fish too but if I can catch a 20lb bag running the bank and power fishing, Iím gonna do that every time.

Okay, letís talk baits.  For crankbaits, Iíve been throwing square bills and medium divers (6-10 ft.) in shad patterns.  For my top waters, I like Pop Rís, Zara Spooks, and Chuggers.  If I slow down with a soft plastic, I like wacky rigged senkos, flukes and Texas-rigged brush hogs, power worms, and lizards.

Guided Fishing Trips
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Tight Lines!

Ray Tomasits - Hill Country Bass Coach

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