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Lake Travis Water Level

   updated 6:00 PM

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Wind:  0 mph S

Humidity:  12%

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Lake Travis Fishing Report - May 2017

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Water Level: 679.70

Water Temp: 73 degrees

The spawn takes a toll on a bass. The process of laying/fertilizing eggs and then constantly protecting the bed from nest raiders burns a lot of energy. So when the eggs hatch and the bass fry are abandoned by their protector, the bass will spend a couple of days resting before putting the feed bag on to regain the lost weight from their reproductive cycle.

This is exactly where Lake Travis bass are right now. Iíve been finding them roaming ledges and points in wolf packs and feeding heavily. My clients are catching 30-40 bass a day with a few quality fish (up to 6 lbs) on anything shad-related. Most of these bass are fat with bellies chock-full of shad. Swimbaits, swimming grubs, crankbaits, topwaters and spinnerbaits are all catching fish. Let weather conditions dictate your bait selection. After the sun gets high, texas-rigged worms and craws are producing as well, although the bite does slow down.

Lake Travis is a lake that you should get a lot of bites on. If you are throwing a lure and not getting bit, donít hesitate to make a change.

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Tight Lines!

Ray Tomasits - Hill Country Bass Coach

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