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National Weather Service : Why You Shouldn’t Drive During a Flood

Posted: Fri, 10 Jun 2016 08:07 AM - 4,561 Readers

By: Holly Skaggs

There has been very little relief this year for water-soaked Texas. Even as towns across the state are cleaning up after the last round of storms, they are also preparing for the next round of heavy rain. For East Texas, this could mean flash flooding and some pretty dangerous situations for homeowners and drivers.

One of the most dangerous situations a driver can face is flooding on the roadway. Even when the water appears shallow, the current has the potential of being very strong, which could quickly sweep a car away. However, as drivers in this video quickly learn, there is even greater risk involved when you attempt to drive across a flooded roadway.

The truck in the video definitely took a major risk by driving through the flooded streets. When water is on the roads, it is always best to play it safe and live to drive another day. Even though it may take extra time to get where you are going, turning around could wind up saving your life.

So, when you are driving, never drive through flood waters, even when they appear safe. You never know how deep the water really is and if the road underneath is solid. In this situation, the drivers were lucky they didn’t find themselves in more danger than they already were.

*  Story Contributed by: Holly Skaggs


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