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Child hit by propeller near Mansfield Dam

Posted: Mon, 20 Jun 2016 06:27 AM - 2,582 Readers


Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services responded to the boating area near Mansfield Dam after it was reported a child was hurt in a boating accident.

EMS said the child, a 9-year-old boy, was hit and injured by a boat propeller near Commanders Point Yacht Basin.

The Travis County Sheriff's office said the boy was out swimming in Lake Travis while his family was on their boat.

When the boy's father thought everyone was in the boat and his path was clear, he ran over the child.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, weekends involving holidays can create some of the most dangerous situations.

"With this many boats, you're going to have rough waters and a lot of wakes," Said Game Warden Jaime Pendelbury. "Add to that a number of people who have very little experience driving a boat and you have dangerous conditions."

The child was transported by STAR Flight to Dell Children's Medical Center to get stitches.

Pendelbury said she was thankful to hear the child is okay - but added this situation is a reminder of how important it is for boat captains to remain vigilant.

"Instead of just looking forward, you have to look 360 degrees," She said. "Be aware of where the people on your boat are, not just being in the water but on the boat as well. Did your child climb up to the bow of the boat and you're about to be underway where they could be thrown off?"

Pendelbury wanted to remind boaters that like driving, there are legal limits on alcohol consumption and mandatory safety requirements that have to be met on the lake.

Additionally, she urged boaters to double check every person's location on busy weekends and to try to maintain a slower speed.

"It's just about making a good decision," She said. "Yes, you're out here to have fun, but don't endanger anyone else while doing it."

*  Story Contributed by: KVUE


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