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Cedar Park suffers minimal storm damage

Posted: Thu, 28 May 2015 02:19 PM - 5,906 Readers

By: Cassie McKee

A Devastating Deluge

Cedar Park police block the low water crossing at Peach Tree and Maple during Monday’s torrential downpour, which caused massive flooding throughout Central Texas - photo by Shawn Jones

While the Memorial weekend storms brought historic floods and damage to much of the Central Texas area, the Cedar Park area was spared from the brunt of the storms.

At around 11 p.m. Saturday, Cedar Park emergency personnel responded to damage at Hur Industrial Park, where one of the warehouses had three of its garage doors blown off. Personnel found one of the doors 100 yards away, according to Cedar Park Communications Manager Jennie Huerta.

There was also damage reported at Rockbridge Church, located at 2001 W. New Hope Dr. An uprooted tree was leaning against a house on the church property, but no one was in the house at the time, Huerta said.

The city had several road closures on Monday due to water over the roadways. Several of the city’s low water crossings were still closed as of Tuesday.

Cedar Park Police also had to close Brushy Creek Lake Park and Brushy Creek Sports Park on Monday due to dangerous conditions.

“We have since opened both parks, however, Brushy Creek Sports Park is 10 percent under water,” Huerta said Tuesday. “The fields and trails are closed until further notice. It could be weeks. We’ll see how it goes. They’re soaked and not usable.”

At Brushy Creek Lake Park, the splash pad and pavilions are open, but the trails, canoe launch, sand volleyball court and lower parking lot are still closed, Huerta said.

Huerta said the city is urging residents to not allow children to play in flood water.

“There can be all kinds of contamination in flood water and it’s generally not safe,” she said.

She said the city also urges residents to drain standing water on their property to help control mosquitos.

Lake Travis continues to rise

The weekend rainfall continued to help lake levels at Lake Travis. Since May 1, the water level at Lake Travis has increased by more than 25 feet.

As of Tuesday, Lake Travis was 54 percent full, with lake levels of 655.57 feet above mean sea level. The lake was expected to rise between 657-660 feet by Wednesday, according to the LCRA.

The public boat ramp at Mansfield Dam Park on Lake Travis has reopened. This is the second public ramp to reopen on Lake Travis. Late last week, Travis County Parks reopened Tournament Point boat ramp at Pace Bend Park. According to the LCRA’s boat ramp information page, five more ramps could soon open if lake levels reach the projected mark of 656 feet.

*  Story Contributed by: Cassie McKee


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